ROMANCE LAND spring/summer 2016

Romance Land is a utopian, borderless space, open to everyone. Romance Land is an emotional battle fought amongst the elements of sky and earth, of sea and air. It is an intense conversation between the natural and the artificial. A voice chanting a story waiting to be experienced. Romance Land is a fantastic landscape, dotted by basso-relievos scraped in the rocks, sandy lakes, and ciliated walls. A splinter travelling from marine worlds and middle earths, sensually piercing through everyday life. Boboutic crosses Romance Land with a knitwear collection dominated by linen, matched with viscose threads, wild silk and exotic cottons. The collection themes evolve around the shape and the role of the classic overalls, redesigned and altered by Boboutic to create a wardrobe of contrasting and complementary lines, at once soft and severe. Boboutic distinctive character comes out enriched of a playful hint, thanks to this unconventional combination of shapes, yarns and colours, and to the constant research for innovative knitwear processing solutions.