± Surface Land Spring/Summer 2017

More or less it is still about a land, a space, a surface and its texture; of what is below, above, inside and around. More or less it is like a page out of a graph paper notebook, perhaps to be filled even if it’s already busy with perpendicular encounters. ±, the typographical symbol that seems to refuse the pressure of definition, is the conceptual synthesis of the Boboutic SS17 collection. The pieces therefore pivot on this complementarity, on illusion, on play and on the exchange of roles. The combination of yarns gives the outfits the appearance of leather, it makes the untouchable k-way seem like paper and the light raincoats resemble suede. The forms seem simple, but the surface is quite complex. The thread tells a story, more or less logical, the details of which only emerge from a close distance: transparency, a bas-relief of lines, a sophisticated touch of precious materials. If the keywords of this collection are more or less synonymous with the appearance, the dazzle and surprise, then the only certainty is that Boboutic confronts with the potential of indeterminacy.